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Our Story

Rainy Solar was created to fully realize local, state, and federal incentives and credits under Illinois newly enacted FEJA (future energy jobs act) laws. Design / engineering / financing / legal / investor credit realization / PPA power subscription services / post energization billing and admin / maintenance. Currently producing over 2% of total IL total solar power commercially.  Will be the very first commercial community solar system in the state ABP (adjustable block program) to launch.

Rainy Solar was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur & industrial commercial real estate investor Ken Buckman

The unused rooftops with incentives seemed like a “no-brainer” and Buckman dove in with $millions of development well before the new laws were clearly defined.

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Carbon Free Electricity

Our rooftop solar array contains more than 3,700 total panels that generate clean, carbon-free electricity.

Save Natural Resources

Fossil fuels account for 63.5% of energy creation, solar energy creation preserves those resources.

Sustainable Energy

Solar energy prices go down and panel efficiency goes up making solar energy pay for itself in a short time.

Create New Jobs

Solar power creates new local jobs for skilled and unskilled labor. Invest in the future of solar with Rainy Solar.

3730 photovoltaic panels covering 120,000 sq/ft

Rainy Solar Installation #1